2014 Simmons Sea-Skiff Expo


Southport Wooden Boat Show

September 27th 2014




This year, we are proud to announce that the Simmons Expo will be held in Southport, NC. Southport is one of North Carolina’s most picturesque towns.

It has a rich maritime heritage, and has contributed to the history of the Simmons Sea-Skiff. More recently, Southport was the backdrop for the movie “Safe Haven,”


Over the last eight years or so, the expo has been held in Wilmington, as part of the Cape Fear Community College Boat Show. The college has been a great host,

and we thank them for their fantastic hospitality. Simmons skiffs continue to be a big part of the CFCC show. But in recent years, we have seen participation from

Simmons owners drop from twenty or more boats, to only about four or five. So, this year, in an effort to revive the Simmons Expo, and give it a fresh new look,

we are trying a different approach.


The Southport Wooden Boat Show will be having their fifth event this year, and Simmons Sea-Skiffs have had a notable presence at all four of the previous shows.

This year, we've been invited to combine our expo with their show. It’s a great opportunity for us. It means we’ll have a lot of people looking at our boats

and gaining interest in the beauty and history of them. And we'll have the beautiful town of Southport as our backdrop. As an added challenge, we're trying to surpass our

own record of the most Simmons Skiffs at one place, at one time (24). It would be a great accomplishment to have more Simmons Skiffs at this show than all

other boats combined. That means we want as many owners as possible to bring their Simmons Skiffs to this event. If you wish to display your boat in the water,

there will be plenty of spaces available. If you prefer to leave it on the trailer, we will group all the Simmons together. Also, the entry price is considerably lower this year

($35, which includes SSSC membership and t-shirt).


We strongly stress the idea that the Simmons Expo is not a beauty contest. 

Boats can be entered for judging if the owner desires, but it is not required. The everyday working Simmons is just as welcome as the pristine garage-kept one. Reproductions

are just as welcome as original ones. We’re not picky. Nor are we snobs. At our first expo 12 years ago, in Southport), the boat that got the most attention was one that was in the

middle stages of restoration. It was stripped to the bare wood, had no floorboards or fore deck – just frames, planking, bottom, transom and well.  People loved it.

This is what we're looking for - Simmons Sea-Skiffs in ANY condition.


We urge you to bring the family.

Besides the boats, there will be a chowder contest, activities for the kids, and plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby. So, if you’ve never attended one of our expos,

please come to this one. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it, and we’ll certainly appreciate having you here. For those who have been to a Simmons event, please help make this the best one yet!


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